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Vintage 1950s American Character Toodles 'The Action Baby' original romper and bonnet set. For the 20" Toodles multi-jointed doll.


If you have Toodles and are missing her outfit... this will please her!


Will fit other 18"-20" baby dolls of similar era.


I have two of these outfits available in separate listings so you can compare for yourself which one (or both) you would like to purchase. Showing both outfits side-by-side in the last two photos, you are purchasing the one on the RIGHT SIDE only -- romper and bonnet.


I have refreshed the elastic on the sides and the back of each of the two rompers, as well as the elastic at the back of each bonnet. Both rompers had a small separation at the neckline in the front which I have repaired and added a silk flower over. Both bonnets have new pink silk ribbon ties; both bonnets retain their original pink bow at the top of the bonnet.


It is common for the elastic to need refreshing on these 70-year-old outfits, and I have seen the separation at the neckline often enough. I have made each outfit "the best they can be" for your dolly. Each outfit is clean and pressed and ready for Toodles, or other baby dolls.





Vintage Original American Character Toodles Doll Romper Set #1

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