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Vintage 1950's white cotton panties, rib knit undershirt, and white rayon socks with baby pink stripes -- these are the perfect compliment to your baby doll wardrobe -- "Servicable Whites" for everyday!


The panties have an EMBROIDERED applique at the front; the undershirt has crochet lace trim; and the rayon socks have that extra special 'zing' with pink striping at the top.


ALL three item are 1950's NEW OLD-STORE-STOCK. The panty's elastic is still tight and springy.


This SET fits your 10", 11" and 12" baby dolls like Effanbee Dy-Dee Ette, Dy-Dee Ellen, American Character Tiny Tears, and Ideal's Betsy Wetsy.


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Vintage Cotton Panties Underwear Set for Small Size Dolls

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