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MINT 1950's blue rubber pants and pink birdseye weave doll diaper.


Includes small pink duck rattle.


This set fits your 11" to 12" Tiny Tears, Betsy Wetsy and Dy-Dee dolls.


RARE pink birdseye weave diaper is just the accessory missing from your dolly's display -- pack it in her suitcase or trunk drawers along with her 'sensible whites'!


Blue rubber pants are the 'pull on' style, with cotton lace trim at the leg openings. Elastic is strong and supple with no loss of stretch. Inside is waterproof lining; outside is soft rayon.


MINT condition set.



Vintage 1950's RUBBER PANTS and Small Pink Diaper Dy-Dee Tiny Tears 11" to 12"

Out of Stock
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