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Extremely rare 1940 Effanbee Patsy Joan Variant MUSIC BOX DOLL that plays "Happy Birthday"


I have never seen this doll before but happily she is well documented in the Patsy Family Encylopedia, Vol. 1 on pages 192 and 193 (see last photo).


Stands 17-1/2" tall


Effanbee was quite creative in supplying little girls with 'new dolls' that were variants of the heads and bodies of thier classic and well-loved Patsy Family dolls. This is a very rare variant that is appropriately (according to the description in the book)  unmarked on either her head or shoulder plate. She has a composition head and limbs with a firmly stuffed cloth body (like the earliest Patsy dolls). Inside is a music box that plays 'Happy Birthday' many times over before it completely unwinds.


Patsy Joan needed a complete composition restoration and she is now perfect, perfect! She wears her original complete outfit (shown with replaced shoes but I will include her originals that had a fair amount of wear). She wears her red-and-white cotton dress, with matching underwear, blue silk ribbons and matching bonnet. Her dress and unders are in great condition; slight loosening of the elastic at the sleeves and under's leg openings. Her bonnet needed new ribbons and there is a tear to the brim on one side near the ribbon that I was able to partially restore; so, the bonnet is not perfect but perfectly functional and lovely now.


Includes her Effanbee Golden Heart metal charm bracelet AND her American Flag.


Quite probably you will never see this doll again, in any condition. Super find for any Effanbee Patsy Family collector.


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Vintage 1940 Effanbee Music Box Patsy Joan RARE

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