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Vintage 1930s Effanbee Dy-Dee Ette Mold 1 in Trunk -- FAO SCHWARZ Rare Issue Set


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INCLUDES her RARE Golden Paper "Dy-Dee Ette" Hang Tag


Vintage 1930s Effanbee 11" Mold 1 Dy-Dee Ette Baby Doll -- Gorgeous and vibrant face, pretty blue eyes, NO RESTORATIONS ... comes in her original FAO Schwarz display red trunk.


Baby has everything she needs -- featuring a RARE FAO Schwarz issue crisp, pristine white gown, slip and matching bonnet; pink dotted swiss dress, slip and bonnet; Dy-Dee Signature footed pajamas; pink eiderdown robe; blue and cream sweater bonnet and booties set; rayon knit vest (undershirt); 2 pure white birdseye weave diapers; a pair of pink stripe silk socks to keep her feet warm; pair of soft pink rubber panties; a pair of oilcloth moccasins with blue pom poms; and a soft blue flannel short bedtime jacket.


Accessories include: mint Dy-Dee glass nursing bottle; two-tone RARE blue and pink rattle; terry  washcloth; small cake of Cashmere Bouquet soap; whimsical flannel print bib; small cannister of ZBT baby powder; and belly band


Aunt Patsy's "What Every Young Doll Mother Should Know" foldout brochure is included. Inside are instructions to the new "Little Mommy" in the care and feeding of her new Baby Dy-Dee. In addition, there are illustrations and descriptions of additional clothing and accessory sets one could purchase to expand baby's layette.


Bedtime comfort and style include a Signature pair of early FOOTED Dy-Dee drop-seat pajamas. Then cuddle her up with her PINK ESMOND signature "Dy-Dee" theme 'blankie' for a night of extra sweet sleep.


Includes her original powder canister for diaper changing.


Included is the "What Every Young Doll Mother Should Know" brochure by Aunt Patsy. Inside are messages to the 'New Mommy', and another to her parents. There are care and feeding instructions to keep Dy-Dee comfortable and healthy. Various extra outfits and accessories are depicted encouraging 'Mommy' to add them to her baby's layette.


All of baby's clothes are in mint to excellent condition... All are clean and pressed and ready to display.


Baby herself has a beautiful PERFECT head -- dark molded curls with NO RUBS -- pristine and perfect. She has rosy cheeks, vivid painted features, and perfect open and close early tin litho Blue  sleepy eyes ; the brush lashes are full and even; please note that she is a very EARLY ISSUE Dy-Dee Ette, and has the 'abbreviated' lashes that, though full and complete do not extend to the outer edges of the eye socket as the later ones do... gives her a very young BABY countenance). Her 'skin' is smooth and soft and supple -- no hardness, cracking or crazing. All joints move freely but firmly as they should. All fingers and toes are intact and PERFECT -- beautiful body -- I hesitate to call the body Mint but it is in wonderful condition and my close up photos will help you see just how nice it is.


The little 11" Dy-Dee Ette deserves a place in every Dy-Dee Collector's nursery... She loves to sit on my big Dy-Dee Lou's lap and share a storybook.


This is a RARE and COMPLETE Dy-Dee Ette set from early 1930s in her box.


All questions are welcome and appreciated to ensure your satisfaction and pleasure when you receive your Dy-Dee baby~


AS ALWAYS... FAST and FREE Shipping~

Vintage 1930s Effanbee 11" Dy-Dee Ette Mold 1 in FAO Schwarz Trunk

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