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Vintage Dy-Dee Jane 15" mold 1 from the early 1930s. Near mint condition.


 The mold 1 dolls are hard to find in any kind of decent shape, and much desired by collectors over the other, subsequent, mold 2 and mold 3 dolls.


What you will want to know is this baby is near mint, as you can surmise from the photos I provided. Her body is light colored and has absolutely no crazing, dryness or cracking… still soft and supple. Her right leg is not as tight as it once was, but mentioned for accuracy as you can see she has no trouble standing, sitting and posing.


Her clothes are all original to the mold 1 doll, with the exception of the slip which is a newly made replacement, and the pure white cotton crochet booties. The pajamas are ‘dead mint’ with soft, unlaundered and pristine bright graphics of ‘early to bed, early to rise’ Should be no disappointments at all with this little one.


I added her Dy-Dee Diary, a ‘Baby’ bracelet (new old-store-stock),and  the little blue lamb toy.


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Vintage 1930s 15" Effanbee Dy-Dee Mold 1 with Layette

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