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Very RARE Vintage 1930's Effanbee 15" Dy-Dee Jane Baby Doll Layette Set -- COMPLETE Set


The original Effanbee FACTORY set was issued in the early 1930's trunk sets with some variations.


The set comprises:

  • Dy-Dee Signature drop-seat (droopy drawers!) soft white SIGNATURE DY-DEE FOOTED flannel Pajamas
  • RARE "Pinning" / Diaper blanket in soft white flannel with Signature Dy-Dee "Early to Bed, Early to Rise" graphics
  • Layette ROBE "Early to Bed, Early to Rise" in pink and blue graphics with white flannel accents at the collar and lapels.


LIKE HEN'S TEETH to find these sets! I have been collecting Dy-Dee authentic/original dolls, outfits and accessories for almost 30 years and now offer you some of my rarer treasures.


This set is complete and matching with bright graphics. All three garments are in what I would call MINT to near mint CONDITION in my opinion. To find any garment that is over 80 years old preserved so well is an anomaly. Immaculately clean, with vibrant graphics -- soft and cuddly and warm for your little Dy-Dee baby!



MINT and RARE Effanbee Dy-Dee ETTE original layette pinning blanket, as seen in Barbara Hilliker's Dy-Dee reference book.


Historical Note: This layette item was sold with some of the the earliest Dy-Dee trunk sets for the Mold 1 dolls from the 1930's.


These hard to find accessory layette items are fresh, crisp and the perfect "one last item" to fill out your Dy-Dee trunk. 


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Very RARE Vintage 1930's Effanbee 15" Dy-Dee Jane Baby Doll Layette Set

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