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Perfectly darling and MINT condition 1949 Effanbee BabyKin, ALL ORIGINAL hard plastic baby doll.


Includes her Golden Heart Hang Tag


MINT CONDITION doll with three dresses and wool felt coat set


This is the elusive and RARE all hard plastic 10" issue of Effanbee BabyKIN from 1949. Doll is unplayed with and PRISTINE.


Baby has high coloring and is in unplayed with condition.


Effanbee and other popular doll manufacturers often issued 'updated' later versions of earlier dolls in their line. Here, BabyKin is all hard plastic and quite different looking than her predecessor from the 1930s (surely not even recognizable as such). Although they don't share any apparent 'genetic' similarities, she is darling all on her own and a 'milestone' in that she joined the 'new trend' in marketing in 1949 when hard plastic dolls first came into popularity. She joins other manufactuer's HP dolls like Madame Alexander Precious (whom I have listed in my shop as well).


BabyKin comes dressed in her RARE original pink silk taffeta dress, silk 'diaper', 'candy stripe' cotton dress, and navy blue wool felt coat and hat. I have added a cute whimsical print sundress to her wardrobe for extra fun. She has no shoes, but I have given her a nice pair of pink stripe rayon socks.


The darling taffeta silk dres and cotton striped dress ares pristine; the coat set is like new and unplayed with but has tiny moth holes that, although there, are pretty much 'invisible', but please view photos to assure yourself. The little sundress is clean, crisp and perfect.


Sweet little Baby welcomes a new home!


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Very RARE 1949 Effanbee Patsy Doll 10" - Babykin #2

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