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SUPER RARE * 1948 American Character POTTY for Tiny Tears


Darling accessory was designed in 1948 for sale with the prototype precursor of our favorite Tiny Tears. The baby was named 'Potty Baby' but lasted in the marketplace for less than a single year.


Potty Baby's feature 'trick' is obvious... she was encouraged to potty train, and came with a standard doll layette that included diapers and underwear .... 'Big Girl Panties'. Moms back then did not like the idea of 'talking about' or even having their daughters think about this kind of stuff, so the doll was pulled from the market. As she did not cry real tears like Tiny Tears, and had no tear duct holes on the inner corner of her eyes, American Character added the holes and a crying mechanism... and there you have it... Tiny Tears was 'born'.


Obviously a VERY VERY RARE item. Here I have my 11" Tiny Tears with this accessory... she is ready to 'go to work', and seems proud with her factory original single button t-shirt and cotton panties, along with her infamous birdseye weave triange diaper.


The POTTY itself is marked on its base 'POTTY BABY American Character Doll Co.' There is decal of a puppy, but it has wear. I have had several of these little potties, and each came with a different decal. It is easy enough to remove and apply a new one if you so desired; but, I have left it as found myself.


Listing is for an underwear set for your 13.5" OR 11" doll (your choice), diaper and ... of course, THE POTTY.


My doll is not included


FAST and FREE Shipping.

SUPER RARE * 1948 American Character POTTY for Tiny Tears

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