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EXTREMELY RARE 1930s BLOND Ideal 21" Composition Baby Beautiful with pretty brown eyes~


Shirley Temple Baby Look-Alike


RARE 1930s BLOND Ideal Compo Baby Beautiful... I have only seen one other blond in 30 years

, and she was in very poor shape. She could easily be marketed as a Shirley Temple Look-Alike with her chubby cheeks, blond curls and bright eyes.


ORIGINAL factory outfit -- dress, coat, bonnet, and slip, with replaced pantaloons and silk crochet booties. Baby is all original dressed in her 'windowpane' and lace dress. Her pink silk coat set is more on the traditional Ideal shade of slightly 'salmon' pink. She's certainly ready for a party now...


Whether you are a collector of composition dolls, Ideal dolls, Baby Beautiful dolls, or just plain fall in love with her, she will delight your nursery with her winsome and expressive face, chubby baby features and blond curls.



This is an Ideal BABY BEAUTIFUL doll from the 1930s... one of several different issue dolls that were marketed and sold under that same name with entirely different faces and attributes during that period. Some were marked Ideal and others were issued for FAO Schwarz and Montgomery Ward without marks, as is this one. Some had 'flirty' eyes, this one does not; irises have been replaced and that is her only restoration aside from sealing some surface crazing on her arms.


Such a happy baby, she has composition arms and legs and head, with a firmly stuffed cloth body. Herb body shows marks where her original pantaloons' elastic at the waist and leg openings transferred (as is common). Her arms, legs and head have smooth, even skin tone with only a few craze marks that I have sealed. Her face has lovely original coloring with a healthy blush still remaining on her cheeks and knees. Her ORIGINAL eyes have had their irises replaced. Her blond molded curls are perfect!


The windowpane cotton organdy dress is in excellent condition., as are the silk coat and bonnet with no stains, marks or weaknesses in the outfit. All in all a wonderfully preserved rare treasure.


Baby Beautiful, in any issue, is a desirable doll to add to your nursery -- between the rare blond curls, gorgeous eyes and rosy cheeks, this one is not to be missed.


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RARE 1930s Ideal Compo 21" Baby Beautiful Doll Blonde

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