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Vintage Dy-dee Tiny Tears 3 Bunny Rabbits Potty with "Essentials"


Potty Training Time!


Potty is just the right size for your medium to bigger baby dolls like Effanbee Dy-Dee and American Character Tiny Tears dolls.


Remember "back in the day" when babies sat on the potty until they had a 'success'?


Darling aqua BLUE celluloid small potty (chamber pot) has Three little Bunny Rabbits marching along all on a Summer's day!


Baby keeps herself occupied with her little LAMBY toy that RATTLES!


Includes a vintage canister of Johnson's Baby Powder, and a 'telephone' rattle... presumably to call Mommy for "help" when it's time to finish up.


BEST of all... a RARE Esmond Effanbee Dy-Dee "eiderdown" blanket -- reversible with RABBITS sprinkled across a field of white or blue.... SOFT and COZY... ready to wrap baby and rock her to sleep.


Vintage Dy-dee Tiny Tears Blue Bunny Rabbits Potty with "Essentials"

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  • PLEASE REMEMBER TO USE OUR CUSTOM LAYAWAY PLAN. Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all! Contact us for details.

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