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Vintage 1961 Kelloggs Cereal premium doll named Baby Chris, with her complete wardrobe of 7 original outfits. She is about 11" tall.


RARE! Comes to you in her ORIGINAL MAILING BOX when ordered by some little girl. (See label on box)


Over the last couple of decades these ouftis have commonly been sold for the 11" Tiny Tears doll to wear... and she does look fabulous in them as you may have seen yourself.


This is one of several dolls offered commonly by cereal companies to entice folks to buy their product. The dolls were a great incentive back then and available at a cheap price. for two dollars and a couple of box tops you could send away for Baby Chris and her 4 included outfits; for one dollar more and box tops you could get the three extra outfits. 2nd photo shows copy of the original Ad (not included).


The first four included: a blue nylon organdy dress and bonnet; Play 'crawler' set of top and overalls; yellow flannel bunting with bonnet; and pink-and-white stripe sunsuit and bonnet.


The additional outfits included: a print polished cotton dress with matching panties; white and blue stripe pajamas with nightcap; and a pink silkly sleep sacque lined in soft flannel.


The print dress is especially desired and elusive (especially the panties that almost always lost). All the outfits are in minty condition (except for some wear to the acetate ribbon ties on the pink bunting; and one blue tie was separated and missing from the sunsuit... I will attach another for you) and are freshly pressed and ready for display or play.


Baby Chris herself is PRISTINE. She is in mint condition. Flawless face with high color; full and thick saran hair; bright blue eyes with full and even brush lashes, and they open and close perfectly.


Fun Fact: the blue organdy dress for years was purported to be original to the 11" 1950s American Character Tiny Tears doll. It commonly sold on eBay in the early 2000s for upwards of $350-$400!


What fun to find this complete set... did you have Baby Chris when you were young?!


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Vintage 1961 Kelloggs Cereal Baby Chris in Box 7 Original Outfits

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