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9" Dy-Dee WEE Vintage 1930's Effanbee Factory Baby Doll DIMITY DRESS Set 



FABULOUS! Effanbee FACTORY ISSUE 9" Dy-Dee WEE Dimity Dress, Slip and Bonnet Set


Excellent condition!! GORGEOUS! Amazing Find!


I have never seen another in this style in this size.


Listing is for the dress and bonnet and slip.


Everyone likes Dy-Dee outfits that can be documented in Barbara Hilliker's Dy-Dee reference book. This adorable print dimity outfit came in all sizes for your Dy-Dee dolls, but I have NEVER FOUND ANOTHER in this Size. All of these factory outfits are difficult to find because they were made in large part in the 1930's where the Great Depression was in full swing... your Daddy had to be very rich to afford a Dy-Dee Baby doll for his little girl. And extra outfits... that was "over the top" and any lucky little girl would have loved to have any or all.


This set includes the factory original authentic dress, and probably added bonnet; I have included a slip to complete the outfit. My last photo shows this set alongside my same style set in the 15" Dy-Dee Jane size, which is not included with this purchase. 

Set is in in EXCELLENT condition with no concerns, and is TAGGED at the back.


BONNET has a wide brim with ruffled trim and will keep the sun from Dy-Dee's baby face. Original blue ribbon ties show some wear but are still strong and firmly attached; I will replace the somewhat lightened blue bow on the dress at the neck with a baby blue silk one at buyer's request... or just add the 'bow' to the box to add at your own discretion.


I will include a NICE pair of vintage rayon Dy-Dee socks~



9" Dy-Dee WEE Vintage 1930's Effanbee Factory Baby Doll DIMITY DRESS Set

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