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1943 Effanbee 14" Policeman Skippy Boy -- Patsy's Boyfriend


What a handsome young man! So few boys to add to your doll collection it seems. There are a LOT of Patsy dolls with no boys to keep a natural balance in life!


Excellent condition!! ALL ORIGINAL from HEAD to TOE with added navy blue wool 'Glad Togs' sweater made for Skippy -- This fella has seen very little playtime for his entire life of 80 YEARS. He has remained in a protective cabinet all these years, seemingly peering out at his limited little world from behind the glass. There is soiling to his blue cotton shirt, and some fraying at the ends of his silk tie.


There are lots of Skippy boy dolls out there, and even a reproduction one was issued at one time. 


This is not a reproduction and there are NO RESTORATIONS of ANY KIND. 

This sweet little man has the most precious countenance... looks a little worried about joining the Girls' club!


Skippy is the EARLY 1943 issue by Effanbee of PL Crosley's comic character that was so popular in that decade. This the early issue that has the cloth stuffed body just like the earliest Patsy dolls; later he was issued with all composition limbs and body like the Patsy we are all so familiar with today. He is appropriately marked on the nape of his neck and stands just about 14" tall. He has composition limbs and head; the head rotates freely in all directions to help him express his innermost thoughts and feelings. His cloth stuffed body is firm and clean like he just left the factory so many years ago now.


There is NO crazing on his limbs, and NO CRAZING at all on his head and face; just about perfect molded blonde hair. This little guy is the one of the BEST SKIPPY Blonde boys I HAVE EVER SEEN.


A most charming fellow to add to your Patsy doll family ~


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1943 Effanbee 14" Policeman Composition Skippy Boy -- Patsy Boyfriend

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