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This baby is an auburn brown molded hair 20" Effanbee Dy-Dee LOUISE from the late 1930's to early 1940's in the Mold 2 --she is just as cute as can be -- this BIGGEST and most adorable Effanbee Dy-Dee Lou / Dy-Dee Louise. She has a beautiful molded hair head and HIGH COLOR rosy cheeks -- a lovely find.


ALL ORIGINAL doll has NO restoration or repaint -- Gorgeous original high color


The 20" Dy-Dee dolls are the HARDEST to find of all the Dy-Dee dolls issued, and when you do find one it is often times in poor shape... this lovely baby girl has a gorgeous head and excellent rubber body and comes with her pretty layette as shown... nice opportunity to pick one up... and MY favorite size and issue of the Dy-Dee dolls because she is almost like a REAL BABY in looks, feel and function.


For those of you who are new to Dy-Dee, she is a marvelous WONDER DOLL. She can drink and wet like many baby dolls, but when she wets the special valve system inside allows the moisture to leak out slowly from her backside opening -- just like a real baby. She is VERY HEAVILY weighted to feel like a real baby in your arms, too. Another unique feature is that you can turn her head to the side with her eyes open, and when you go to lay her down her eyes stay open. Alternatively, you can close her eyes and turn her head to keep them closed even when she is held upright. She can BLOW BUBBLES and loves to be bathed. Her special jointed system prevents water from getting inside her when bathing -- just an all-around AMAZING doll. Any little girl would be happy with a Dy-Dee of her own, how about you?


Dy-Dee has a gorgeous head and and a very nice body... nothing like the 'squeaky' sound a Dy-Dee doll's rubber joints emit when moved. She poses well -- her rubber is in excellent condition -- she has been cleaned and has beautiful skin tone -- still firm and strong (and supple!) Though not perfect... her joints were rather loose and I have fixed them to enable her to pose well; she has very, very light crazing on the surface of her left leg, and dryness to her right foot at the toes and heel. Otherwise her rubber is light toned and lovely. Fingers and hands are perfect.


Her beautiful baby head... Her face is just lovely -- absolutely GORGEOUS, with an open nurser mouth; well defined painted brows and under lashes; and a rosy complexion. BEAUTIFUL rubber inset EARS! AUBURN molded hair has little wear. She has sparkling brown eyes, and they open and close perfectly -- beautiful brush lashes are all there.


Dy-Dee comes dressed in her classic cotton dotted Swiss baby dress, replaced slip, and classic 'loop trim' coat and bonnet set. As you might note, the coat set was issued from the factory in a medium blue color... someone has bleached it white; it does look nice and it is clean and freshly pressed. The dress is in excellent condition, having the blue lace trim intact and still vivid.


She comes with her 1950s Shackman Sleepy Baby Doll, and a whimsical print diaper and pair of pink silk booties.


GREAT doll and her clothing, ready to come home and begin her new life.



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1940s Vintage 20" Effanbee Dy-Dee Louise Baby MOLD 2

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