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EARLY vintage 1930s "Mommy Made" Camel Hair Coat Set for your Effanbee 15" Dy-Dee


Darling wool camel hair coat and bonnet with a MINK ruff around the hat. Beautiful thick and soft wool boasts a genuine mink ruff that frames baby's face and keeps her extra warm and comfortable.


This thoughtfully and lovingly made garment is lined, both coat and bonnet, with peachy silk. "Crystal" buttons allow coat to close. The coat is in great condition... only sometime over the last 80 years Mr Moth left some intermittent light pocking to the fabric... really not distracting and hardly noticeable as you can see from my photos.  I love this set on my Dy-Dee!


Everything looks good with this set, so Baby will want you to dress her in it often... holiday parties are the perfect occasions!


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1930s Vintage 15" Effanbee Dy-Dee Camel Hair Coat Set

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