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GORGEOUS LIGHT BLOND LITTLE GIRL... with a curl right in the middle of her forehead!


1930s Effanbee 30" Composition Talking Mae Starr phonograph doll -- WORKS PERFECTLY!


NOTE: I have photographed her with booties, but these are no longer available. She comes with an exact reproduction of her original white oilcloth shoes, and original rayon socks pictured.


ALL ORIGINAL and comes with One Record and a PERFECT player that has been thoroughly cleaned and restored. Includes ONE record, "London Bridge" -- I have other records available separately.


I have had several of these 'talking' composition dolls from the 1930s, and I just love them. They came with Edison wax cylinder 'records' that were inserted into a simple mechanical record playing device in the doll's mid-section; a crank on the side of the doll is then wound and plays the record. Generally 5 records were available, like "Little Boy Blue", "London Bridge", Mary Had a Little Lamb", "Now I Lay Me","Lazy Mary", and One, Two Buckle My Shoe". The dolls recites each rhyme in the most darling voice.


This little girl is ALL ORIGINAL but for her shoes, which I have replaced with an exact reproduction oilcloth pair. Her original BLUE ORGANDY DRESS has a matching underslip and 'onesie' undergarment -- all in minty condition... crisp and unfaded over time.


She wears her original BLUE SILK HAIR RIBBON to 'tame' her oppulent golden MOHAIR curls. Rarely do you see Mae Starr with a mohair wig... almost always human hair... AND, when you do find one with mohair, it is always matted and thin. THIS little girl has the most GORGEOUS LIGHT BLOND CURLS! I don't often use the word 'stunning' but I believe it applies here...


Mae Starr has no crazing and beautiful, well-defined facial features -- rosy cheeks, pretty red mouth with teeth, multi-stroke brows, and sparkling blue tin-litho eyes and painted lashes. Her eyes open and close nicely. She probably had upper hair lashes at one time, but there is no evidence of that now -- truly those 'baby blues' light up her face and then you smile.


Her composition limbs have beautiful composititon and paint -- smooth, even-toned and vibrant. There is some light paint loss to the tips of a few of her fingers, and the toes.


Marked 'Mae Starr' on her shoulder plate she is approximately 30" tall -- 


A BIG BEAUTIFUL GIRL representing a very special time in doll history with the advent of Edison's phonograph.


Purchase price includes FREE SHIPPING and tax is included.





1930s Effanbee 30" Composition Talking Mae Starr Phonograph Doll

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