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1930’s Effanbee Esmond ‘Eiderdown’ Dy-Dee Doll Blanket — Scotty Dog / Butterfly theme


Darling original Dy-Dee doll blanket made of soft pink cotton fleece ‘eiderdown’ by Esmond for Effanbee dolls in the 1930s and 1940s. Each darling blanket was tucked into the doll display box or case to keep baby warm and happy. These blankets were popular and came in a wide variety of patterns with its unique ‘reverse image’ of dominant pink or white in the background. Oftentimes you will find dark specs in the fabric’s tightly brushed cotton weave; these are natural to the cleaning and carding of the cotton bolls when woven... little bits and pieces of the cotton boll plant that show it is a natural and pure part of the process.


This sweet MINTY Dy-Dee “blankie” has little Scotty dogs chasing butterflies. Blanket is in excellent clean condition, with only minor wear.


Measures approx. 13” x 11” — perfect size for your Dy-Dee Ette, Dy-Dee Ellen and Dy-Dee KIN babies... or maybe for your larger Dy-Dee to carry around as a ‘soother’ or nighttime snuggle companion.


I have dozens of these little blankets, as collecting the different themes has been a passion of mine over the last 22 years... add this one to your own special collection.

1930’s Effanbee Esmond ‘Eiderdown’ Dy-Dee Doll Blanket — Scotty Dog / Butterfly

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