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Mint in her early 1950's 'shoebox' retail store display that is COMPLETE with accessory insert still sealed in its original cellophane in the lid -- very, very rare to find. This is the popular American Character 11" Tiny Tears rubber body baby doll. Near MINT condition. Brown molded hair and blue eyes.


She is the smallest-sized Tiny Tears made in the early 1950s, measuring approx. 11" high -- the size most coveted by doll collectors -- this is the baby Tiny Tears with the hands-down rubber body with BLUE metal eyes. She was made circa 1951 or 1952. This baby is NOT to be missed if you want to own a piece of doll history ... Her coloring is exquisite.


GORGEOUS!! Tiny Tears is appropriately marked on the back of her neck 'Pat. Pend / American Character'. Her coloring is classic and lovely. Beautiful brown molded hair has only a slight rub at the very back; the face is a rich, warm HIGH COLOR that only the earliest dolls have -- original blush on her cheeks still there -- brows and under lashes well-defined and clear. Pretty blue eyes with full brush lashes, are even and thick; well-fitted. EXCELLENT Tiny Tears who has been stored for over 65 years -- all alone and waiting for you to take her home!


The rubber body on a Tiny Tears is the biggest source of concern when making the decision to purchase. This baby's rubber body is in near MINT condition -- strong, with NO CRAZING. Beautiful even skintone; all fingers and toes are there -- no fear dressing and redressing this baby -- she is ready for play!


After examining your new baby carefully, you will delight in her original clothing: EARLY ISSUE  original white cotton single-button knit undershirt, "Big Girl" panties, VERY RARE flannel BUNNY RABBIT pajamas; birdseye diaper and original pink-and-white booties.


I have also included her TINY TEARS romper with her name neatly embroidered across the chest. This CLASSIC romper is the one we all recall when we think of this doll. However, for historical accuracy, note that this romper was issued after this particular doll was issued, having been included in sets a couple of years later. All items pictured are included.


The accessory card, nestled in the inside box lid is MINT MINT MINT condition and includes: SOFT bath sponge -- almost always deteriorated and/or hardened, this one is still squeezably soft with no discoloration; pink-and-white knit booties; terry wash cloth; Tiny Tears Own Ivory cake soap; "Mommy Dear" care pamphlet; Tiny Tears Kleenex packet; MINT glass nursing bottle with SOFT and completely intact rubber nipple.


Baby holds close her MINT rubber-tipped bubble pipe, and MINT rubber pacifier.


A wonderful Tiny Tears doll and her complete layette!

11.5" Pre-Patent 1951 American Character Tiny Tears Mint in Box

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