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Vintage RED Corduroy Coat and Bonnet Set for your American Character Tiny Tears or Dy-Dee Ellen baby dolls


Fits 11" to 12" Dolls


Coat * Bonnet * Mittens




Like new, in a beautiful shade of red -- suitable for Valentine's Day or Christmas holidays...


OR, maybe "just because I Love Red"


My 11.5" Tiny Tears models this for you. Notice the 2 little pom-poms that embellish the hat. Two buttons close at the front to keep out the wind and the cold. Peter Pan collar and 'swing coat' styling.


Darling RED Mittens with embroidered flowers


Hard to look ahead when the weather is so hot... so 'snap it up now' for a Red Hot sizzlin' deal.


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Vintage RED Corduroy Coat and Bonnet Set for 11"-12" Doll

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