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Vintage Very RARE 1930's ALL ORIGINAL Effanbee Patsy BABYKIN --  RARE Christening Set Baby on Pillow in pink wicker cradle -- NEAR MINT~


This is a 1940s all composition Patsy Babykin Doll by Effanbee -- with original mold face, and the straight toddler legs (as opposed to the infant drawn up chubby baby legs).


Includes her EFFANBEE Golden Metal Heart Tag -- RARE tag states she is PATSY BABYKIN (usually the tags simply state 'An Effanbee Durable Doll'


Beautiful 'baby blue' open and close sleep eyes with full, thick and even lashes. Her face is positively breathtaking with vibrant coloring and the sweetest chubby rosy cheeks and rosebud lips. Her glossy brown molded curls are PERFECT. Her only flaw is a small separation under her left eye that is not distracting. Her facial features are all there. Sweet blush still shines at the knees, tops of hands, chest, belly button, and cheeks -- nice, pink flesh tone lends this little sweetie pie all the desirable characteristics of a highly collectible doll... truly a fabulous find for the Patsy doll family collector.




Baby is just a petite 10" from head to toe and she is in near MINT condition; she comes dressed in her ORIGINAL Effanbee long gown, matching slip, pink silk coat with matching bonnet, and a soft flannel diaper. She is snuggled on her own soft baby pillow trimmed in white organdy with pink-stitched ruched ruffles all around-- all wrapped up with a generous pink silk ribbon tied into a fancy bow (there are a couple of splits to the silk ribbon).


Patsy Babykin comes appropriately marked on the nape of her neck and back. Sweet little doll, she is immaculately clean on body and face. NO paint wear to the joints -- my close ups of her are a good representation of her condition... simply Darling!


You can view a photos of a Patsy BabyKIN in the Patsy Doll Family Encyclopedia Vol. II, by Patricia N. Schoonmaker. Patsy Babies are marked EFFANBEE PATSY on the nape of the neck and EFFANBEE / PATSY BABY on the back.


YOU WON'T find a nicer ALL ORIGINAL Layette SET anywhere....


Her EXCEPTIONAL coloring, original Effanbee clothing, and sweet baby charms make this set a valued little acquisition to your dolly nursery -- I hope you enjoy this superb little baby as much as I have.


Vintage RARE 1930's Effanbee 10" All Original Mint Patsy BABYKIN

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