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Vintage 1950's white cotton Organdy ruffled rhumba panties, rib knit undershirt, and pink rayon socks with baby blue stripes -- these are the perfect compliment to your baby doll wardrobe for Easter!


I expecty she will go "Art Linkletter" style... showing off her new panties Mama purchased for her to wear under her special Easter dress.


The panties have a pastel EMBROIDERED ruffle at the back; the undershirt has crochet lace trim; and the rayon socks have that extra special 'zing' with blue striping at the top.


ALL three item are 1950's NEW OLD-STORE-STOCK. The panty's elastic has been refreshed to have all the stretch they were 'born' with so many decades ago now.


This SET fits your 10", 11" and 12" baby dolls like Effanbee Dy-Dee Ette, Dy-Dee Ellen, American Character Tiny Tears, and Ideal's Betsy Wetsy.


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Vintage Organdy Party Underwear Set for Small Size Dolls

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