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Photogenic and Gorgeous... 22" Baby PLASSIE with Blue-Green FLIRTY EYES




A HIGH COLOR exceptional Ideal composition and cloth doll from the 1930's with factory original dress set -- dress, bonnet, slip, socks and oilcloth shoes -- stunning doll to stand out in any collection. Add to your Ideal doll or composition collection with this highly desirable baby.


Presenting an EARLY composition PLASSIE doll from the 1930s, with composition limbs, cloth body and composition head. The Ideal Plassie doll was one of Ideal Toy Co. most successful dolls in its toy line... so much so that it designed and named several dolls in its line by this same name. This is the earliest documented issue of PLASSIE. You will note that she has almost exactly the same head as their 1930s Princess Beatrix doll of the same period. Between the two dolls,  the hair is ever so slightly different in the forefront, and more remarkably, the hands do not have the chubby clenched fingers that the Beatrix doll is noted for, and she has straight toddler legs instead of the slightly curved chubby legs that Beatrix has. Plassie's body is stuffed more firmly as a toddler doll. She has a WORKING CRIER in her muslin stuffed body, which is moderately clean and free of odors.


Her composition limbshave little to no crazing, no touchups and high color. A couple of craze lines in her outerback legs. Her head is PRISTINE and nearly PERFECT with just two very faint craze lines that don't pick up with the camera they are so light. Her big BLUE-GREEN eyes are clear and flirt from side-to-side (left and right), and open and close perfectly. All natural hair lashes are thick, full and even with no gaps and none missing.


BABY PLASSIE wears her original pink cotton baby-style dress, with matching bonnet, original slip, original bloomers, socks and mocassins.


All clothing in PRISTINE CRISP, like new condition. Shoes have light wear.


Wonderful historical doll from the Ideal composition doll line.


Molded dark brown hair; working crier; composition head, arms and legs. Factory sized at 22" she is one of a group of sizes ranging from 14"-26" produced at that time.






Vintage IDEAL 22" Flirty Eye 1930s Plassie Composition Baby Doll

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