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The rarest set of Effanbee all composition Patsy family dolls I have ever seen...


Original 1936 composition and cloth body "RODEO ROUNDUP" 15" Patsy -- with her all composition little 7.5" Baby Patsy Tinyette sister in 'tow'. This is the real deal... not the 1997 reproduction Patsy issued by Tonner. This is actually the 1928 early composition shoulder-plate Patsy with the painted eyes who was issued in this cowgirl outfit in 1936 in celebration of the TEXAS CENTENNIAL. VERY Rare to find with the same year issue Patsy Tinyette by her side.


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Can you ever imagine how this set has been intact and together for almost 90 years now?


Effanbee 15" EARLY PAINTED EYE Patsy Ann and 7.5" Patsy Tinyette (big sister and baby sister dolls).


This RARE PATSY is 15" tall instead of the usual 14" later issue, as she has a CLOTH BODY and composition shoulder-plate head, arms, and legs. The true earlier versions of Patsy with the cloth body had a different head; this issue used the later, more classic head we associate with Patsy, and coupled it with the early cloth and compo body. I cannot emphasize enough how truly rare this doll is that I am offering today.


Dressed identically as COWGIRLS -- both dolls ALL FACTORY ORIGINAL -- NO Restorations of any kind


Both in near MINT condition


Patsy is flawless -- although I did not undress her as it appears that she has never been played with and her clothing has never been removed. She is the EARLY painted eye issue from the early 1930s. Her facial coloring is rich and vibrant, with all delicate painted features intact. She has NO CRAZING at all ANYWHERE. She is completely original with no restorations of any kind. Her beautiful composition shoulder plate head and limbs, and cloth body are perfect with smooth even tone to the compo. Her original stringing is still firm and she is easily posed and you can tilt and turn her head to really bring out her impish character.


Patsy has never been undressed... and I did not do so to preserve that rarity.


Patsy's cowgirl outfit is COMPLETE down to her holster and six-shooter. The only wear on this doll at all is the perhaps expected age to the 'leather' vest and skirt, which has stiffened over the decades and is no longer supple, exaggerating the creases. The belting is still soft and sturdy... not dried as these parts at times can be. Her red 'onsie' style blouse is UNFADED anywhere -- still a bright, vibrant red cotton. The felted brown cowgirl "10-gallon" hat is in its original condition but for some very, very light spots. Her original shoes and socks are perfect.


Patsy wears a green polished cotton bandana (every cowgirl needs one on the prairie while tending to her cattle). Mischeviously she raises the bandana up over her face and draws her pistol when she suspects trouble is coming -- all the while holding her baby sister's hand tightly to protect.


Baby Patsy Tinyette is dressed identically to her Big Sis, but really, she is too young for a holster and gun and therefore does not have one (and never did, thanks to the wisdom of her elders). Her outfit is TAGGED and perfect but for the same stiffening of the skirt fabric, and she did not come with a vest... well, there HAVE to be some 'rights of passage' as an older sister, don't you think?!


Tinyette has the very, very faintest of intermittent crazing, that can only really be seen with intense scrutiny. I have restrung her to ensure she poses perfectly as her sister.


No doubt you will never see these cowgirl Patsy dolls again -- together or separately -- and in this near MINT and COMPLETE condition is truly a RARITY for any serious Patsy Family doll collector.


Have fun posing and playing with these girls when they arrive, and I PROMISE you will not be disappointed as you derive great pleasure in adding them to your collection.

Vintage 1928 Effanbee 15" Patsy and 7.5" Patsy Tinyette Cowgirls All Original

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