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Vintage 1960s Vogue Top Knot Baby Dear 🩷💕 with her very First Valentine Card


Darling and popular 18” TOP KNOT Baby Dear doll, first issued in 1960, designed by Eloise Wilkins.


Includes a hangtag 🩷 and her cuddly Valentine Bear and little tiny red Shackman Sleepy Baby to call her own.


Gorgeous healthy glow to her lovely alabaster complexion with light 'baby blonde' hair, an immaculately clean body with all new kapok stuffing (this is her original body, just re-stuffed to 'revitalize' her for safe cuddling); and she now has a WORKING squeaker. She has a sweet baby smell. If you have ever tried to photograph and ‘capture’ the true color of a Baby Dear’s hair, you know it depends on the lighting and angle; this baby has pretty very light blonde hair and it is full and just lovely!


This happy baby is in excellent condition — fat and sassy, she sits up comfortably and poses ‘oh so many ways’. She comes dressed especially for you -- Happy Valentine's Day.


Baby comes with a darling and versatile layette. Start with her Valentine Flowers nylon and lace baby-style dress from the 1960s. Pretty and feminine, baby's dress has puffed sleeves and closes at the back with three tiny buttons with snaps underneath for a tailored finish, and easy to dress and undress at your whim. Underneath is a crisp white slip, newly made white flannel diaper like her original,  and a white undershirt.


For nighttime I gave her a pair of 2-piece pink cotton knit pajamas in a whimsical print. The pullover shirt and pullon footed pants are in like new condition. I have had these lovely pjs in my dolly closet for quite a long time just 'waiting' for the right little baby to call them her own. They feature donut snap closures and a unique ruffle along the front; the footed bottoms have a springy elastic waist.  I have wondered for a long time 'who' these were made for originally with no success. The enclosed footie was extra long, so I shorten each to fit our little girl. I don't think they were ever on a doll before Baby Dear.


For hot days coming (surely they will come), I gave her a sweet, pure white cross-tie short-sleeved cotton knit shirt that ties to the side; there is a pair of panties to match -- each has pink tie bows.


Mix-and-Match the pjs bottoms and the white top for extra fun.



She has a repro hang tag exactly like her original. All clothing in excellent  seemingly unplayed with condition.



She is absolutely delightful and being a 'top knot' baby, she is among the relatively few of this issue -- hard to find in such perfect condition -- no marks, or chews to her sweet, chubby arms and legs. Her cloth stuffed body is squeezably soft and cuddly having been newly stuffed with fresh and soft kapok stuffing, with just enough 'drape' to her neck to remind you she is a 'new baby' and needs you to comfort and support her. I added a little squeaker inside while I was at it, so she can 'talk' to you when needed.


She is marked with her cloth Vogue tag at the nape of her neck; and, she is appropriately stamped at the back of her leg 'E. Wilkins / 1960' to attest to her authenticity.


I had no intentions of parting with any of my rather large collection of these sweet dollies, but find a Baker’s Dozen might be a little much. If you collect them, you know they are much like potato chips, and cannot be resisted or denied. Dress them often, as they look charming and enjoy being fussed over.


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Vintage 1960s Vogue Top Knot Baby Dear

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