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Gorgeous 1940s NEW OLD-STORE-STOCK Yellow organdy embroidered party dress for your 13.5" to 15" Tiny Tears, Betsy Wetsy and other similar-sized baby dolls.


This is a hard to find vintage doll dress that was handmade in the Phillipines after WWII. As a 'baby boomer' I know my own infant wardrobe was largely fashioned with similarly embroidered couture dresses, etc. from the same provider as the short handful of doll clothes I have found and collected over the years.


 The dress appears to have never been worn, with its only sign of wear the remnants of a price sticker that I have gently and successfully removed from the botttom of the skirt near the hem.


The style of the dress allows it to fit your 13.5" to 15" doll. I have modeled the dress on both sized Tiny Tears dolls.


INCLUDES a slip and pair of socks with purchase.



Will also fit 16" to 18" young girl dolls. Please ask for measurements if this is what you are seeking.


Note: Will NOT fit Dy-Dee as her arms are too chubby to fit the sleeve openings.

1940s NEW OLD-STORE-STOCK Yellow Organdy Embroidered Dress for 13.5" to 15" Doll

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