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Extremely Rare ~ You are viewing the very first issue EARLY PATENT Effanbee Dy-Dee in the 15" size from 1934.


She is documented by her 'rubber stamp' marking on her back, unlike the subsequent issue where the worldwide patent numbers are embossed as part of the rubber body. This is documented in Barbara Hilliker's Dy-Dee book on page 26. Stamp simply states 'Effanbee Dy-Dee Baby' with the patent number. She is very, very rare and even rarer to find one that although worn and crazed is still intact. I have only seen a short handful of them in 30 years, and this is the only one where all limbs are intact and movable.


Further, she wears the earliest and pristine long gown with cut embroidered collar with a 1934 NRA tag sewn into the back bodice seam. The NRA Blue Eagle label, denoting compliance with Manufacturing Codes, was used in the U.S. from 1933 to 1935. The NRA was declared unconstitutional in 1935.


Additionally her box and brochure are both from 1934 and marked as such (see photos). Her DIARY is also included and has not been written in as yet.


She has her original nursing bottle, birdseye weave diaper, undershirt, early white drop seat pajamas with shell buttons, and flannel robe with matching booties (note the darling pink pom-poms!).


Cuddle her in her original pink eiderdown blanket in, again, the earliest pattern with the Greek key design and bears.


Historically this particular Dy-Dee deserves a place in a doll museum, but I offer her today to those who can appreciate her and treasure her as she is. . . THERE IS NO RESTORATION to this little one other than her eyes were crazed, as is so often the case, and pupils were added to ensure a finer display.


Baby has no rubs to her pretty face and only the softest rubs to the raised molding to her hair. She has a 'lost and forlorn' countenance and begs for a home that will love her forever.


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Vintage 1934 Effanbee Dy-Dee VERY RARE FIRST ISSUE in Box

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