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Vintage Effanbee Patsy Rabbit Fur Baby from the 1930s.


Extremely Rare -- I have only seen one other in 30 years of serious doll collecting and research.


For the Patsy Doll Family collector, this is not one to miss.


This adorable stuffed rabbit fur baby is in really remarkable condition considering her composition head and fur body. Anyone familiar with the rabbit fur outfits these dolls had designed for them, knows they are often dried and shedding, not to mention dirty and dingy. Patsy is clean, sturdy and without much wear to her body. The fur is thick and full. Her limbs do not move and her head is stable as well. She wears her original pink ribbon bow as a banner across her chest. The mystery here is just what this little gal got into that both her 'hands' have some very light pink coloration. It looks to me like a 'transfer' of color from some other fabric, but who really knows :-).


Her original Patsy head has wear, with some light intermittent crazing and paint loss. I 'toyed' (!!) with the idea of replacing her head with a nicer Patsy head from a 'donor' but instead made the decision to keep her all original. If one felt so inclined this could be done with little effort. Historically I like her just as she is and 'in hand' she has far more appeal than my photos could possibly show.


This little sweetheart is charming and sure to win your heart.


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Vintage 1930s Effanbee Patsy Rabbit Fur Baby

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