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EXTREMELY RARE -- VINTAGE  1930s Effanbee ORIGINAL LAYETTE for your 15" Dy-Dee Jane Doll 


Available separately in RED and BLUE. This listing is for the RED SET.


EXTREMELY RARE -- I have only seen these two in 35 years of collecting Dy-Dee. Darling set is documented in Barbara Hilliker's Effanbee 'Bible' on page 99.


Did you know...?? Dy-Dee had her own comic strip, "Dy-Dee Baby by the Sea" which was published in an issue of "Patsytown News", and shown on page 98 of Barbara's book. AND... Did you know...?? Dy-Dee had her own song -- DY-DEE SUN SONG which I have pictured the music and lyrics to so you can sing along as well. How special is that??

MINT CONDITION -- listing is for ONE SET (of 2 available -- photo shows the two sets together and modeled on my own little babies. 


These sweet babies were so popular back in the 1930's and 1940's. Remember, the full effects of the Great Depression were upon us, and families had few dollars to spend on luxuries like toys and Baby Dolls. Everyone knows the factory outfits are desirable.


WHAT A TREASURE these two outfits must have been to present on perhaps a Christmas Day or Birthday for two little girls. BUT, they remain to this day CLEAN, PRISTINE and UNPLAYED with... so now you are the fortunate girl... 

RED Print SUN SUIT SET -- sun suit and wide-brimmed sun bonnet. Booties not included. 

(Will fit similar size / type baby dolls like Betsy Wetsy and Tiny Tears)


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Vintage 1930s Effanbee Dy-Dee 15" Sun Suit Set - RED

$235.00 Regular Price
$168.00Sale Price
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