Beautiful 1928 Horsman Baby Dimples doll with a composition flange head, partial composition limbs on a cloth body, and early marked: E.I.H. © CO. INC.  Wearing her complete original outfit.


ALL ORIGINAL from head to toe~




Sweet baby with molded blonde hair, blue tin sleep eyes, and open mouth with two teeth on top. The body is cloth with composition arms and legs to above the knee. There is some very light crazing on the face that does not pick up on the camera as it is so faint, limbs have no crazing and there is no paint loss.


Baby wears her ORIGINAL outfit that had apparently never been removed from her in over 90 years. The outfit is crisp and just about as nice as the day she was 'born'. Most times I refresh a doll's outfit before offering to a new home, but this gorgeous outfit has only a light age patina to it and I felt it best this time to keep it as it has been for so long. There is a small mark on the white embroidered 'bib' area of the bodice where, in my research, there was at one time a cloth "Dimples" tag pinned at that spot... long gone now.


Dimples has an alabaster complexion, with twinkling blue tin litho eyes that open and close perfectly. Her blonde hair is flawless. All painted facial features are intact... sweet smile shows she is a HAPPY baby!





Vintage 1928 Horsman 16" Baby Dimples Composition Doll