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Vintage early 1950s American Character Tiny Tears baby doll with hands down rubber body and all original layette.


EXCELLENT! She is the hardest to find BIGGEST SIZE Tiny Tears made in the early 1950s, measuring approx. 18", this is the baby Tiny Tears with the hands down rubber body and BLUE eyes. She was made circa 1953. This baby is NOT to be missed if you want to own a piece of doll history ... Her coloring is exquisite.


Tiny Tears is appropriately marked on the back of her neck 'American Character'. Her coloring is classic and lovely. Beautiful brown molded hair has little to only a modicum of light rubs;, and only to the back where she lay for so many decades now. Her face is HIGH COLOR -- original blush on her cheeks still there -- brows and under lashes well-defined and clear; lip paint perfect. Pretty blue eyes with full brush lashes, are even and thick; well-fitted. EXCELLENT Tiny Tears who has been stored for over 50 years -- all alone and waiting for you to take her home!


The rubber body on a Tiny Tears is the biggest source of concern when making the decision to purchase. This baby's rubber body is in excellent condition -- strong, with NO CRAZING, no cracks and no creases... Still SQUEEZABLE and sweet and light in color. Rubber does have some intermittent faint variations in color along the upper right arm and at the back, but as you can see in my photos it is negligible when compared to her overall incredible rubber body. All fingers and toes are there -- no fear dressing and redressing this baby -- she is ready for play!


After examining your new baby carefully, you will delight in her original clothing: classic pink-and-white dress, panties and bonnet; along with her origiinal Signature TINY TEARS romper, oilcloth shoes and socks, and original diaper. All items pictured are included.


A wonderful Tiny Tears doll and her complete layette!


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Vintage 18" Early 1950s Tiny Tears Baby Doll

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