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CHRISTMAS IN JULY~ OK, so we're not quite there just yet, but...


RARE LARGER SIZE -- Vintage 1950s Santa Claus 14" stuffed doll. Black / African American doll was issued by the Knickerbocker Toy Co long before it was politically correct for mass marketing. I have never seen another like it in this size (only in the 10" size), and have so many questions that will quite probably never be answered... you, too?


This fabulous MINT CONDITION doll is soft and huggable and just the right size for a little boy or girl to tote around for love and comfort. He does look a little nervous though...


This fella' has the most unusual original coloring --- nothing added, no touchups. I mean, blonde hair? Matching scarf? Blue eyes? Way ahead of his time!


This is a 1955 Knickerbocker Toy Company rubber-faced Baby Santa doll, African-American version.The times were changing in the early 1950s, and major toy companies were updating their product lines to be more inclusive. Although this production line of Baby Santa dolls was hardly a true representation of African American skin tones and other features, contrast it with the 'white' version of Baby Santa, and you will see the delicate embrace of social change as represented by one New York toy maker. View this, then, as an interim experiment in representational dollmaking, and treasure it both for its inherent value and its historical importance. Baby Santa stands about 14 inches tall and wears the traditional Santa uniform, along with a green neck scarf... AND his little JINGLE BELL.


I love him! And you will, too. Add him to your nursery to watch over things all year round so he can check who is naughty and who is nice.



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Vintage 1950s Knickerbocker Toy Co African American 14" BABY SANTA

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