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RARE1928 Effanbee 20" Lovums Nursery Rhyme Phonograph Doll with Record




Here is a doll to LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE. You are viewing an extremely rare LOVUMS composition and cloth toddler baby doll that has an EDISON wax record phonograph embedded in her midsection --there were SIX blue wax records available for this and a couple of other Effanbee dolls of this same period -- each play a different Nursery Rhyme or prayer (see my LAST 2 photos that are actual videos of Lovums SINGING/reciting these rhymes.)


Purchase of this doll INCLUDES ONE RECORD -- "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" ONLY


This FABULOUS and rare doll is in near MINT condition with minor restoration to help ensure another almost 100 years of 'life' -- beautiful display!


LOVUMS clothing are ALL ORIGINAL -- she wears her original white cotton organdy dress with matching bonnet, cotton slip with cotton lace trim, white cotton bloomers (with an embroidered opening in the side to accommodate the winding crank on her side), silk socks, and pictured with replaced oilcloth shoes (note: I am including this newly made pair of white oilcloth moccasins). For nighttime cuddles, she comes with her original Effanbee drop seat pajamas. I have added a silk knit tasseled nightcap for warmth on those extra cold nights.


Lovums is a TOUSLE TOT (tousle head -- caracul lambskin wig) with composition head and limbs that move freely and securely to raise and lower her arms. Her arms and hands had a fair amount of flaking to them, and for this reason they have been repainted to exactly match her original coloring (upon removing her shoes you can see this easily enough). The head and legs have been left in the original NEARLY MINT condition. There is no crazing to the legs and only a few light stray lines on her head that do not show. There was a small patch on the nape of her neck that I color-matched where it was flaking and then sealed... nice job and hard to tell at all until I mentioned it. The cloth body has overall age patina; the tape on the body is original as that is what was used to help imbed and secure the phonograph.


Her face is VIBRANT with beautiful BLUE EYES that sparkle with good cheer and, of course, LOVE as she gazes up at you, and raises her arms to be picked up and hugged.


The mechanical Edison phonograph is in PERFECT working condition and plays each of the six wax cylinders... I have included two videos so you can hear her SING. I was cautious about winding the mechanism too far, so you will hear the rhyme/prayer fade out near the end. The recording 'noise' in the background is amplified in my video recording and sounds intrusive only in the video. Since the recording was made, I have oiled it properly and it works even better now.




INCLUDED is her original metal heart Effanbee wrist bracelet, AND Effanbee pin.


I will include instructions to the buyer on the care, playing and handling of the records and phonograph if needed.










RARE 1928 Effanbee 20" Composition Lovums Talking Tousle Head Phonograph Doll

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