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Rare 1928 American Character Petite PUGGY doll -- inspired by Jackie Cooper, he is completely restored to his original impish nature -- his face nearly shouts mischief!!


12" tall and Naked as a Jaybird as they say...


HANDSOME and charming fellow has ATTITUDE -- how could you not choose a little boy who would fill your life with "never a dull moment..." boys will be boys.


This little guy is a favorite and so hard to find... he came to me 'nakie' and completely falling apart, poor fella'. He is now restored to 'live another day'...


But, alas, for almost a year now I have sought some suitable, if not original, clothing for the lad, to no avail.


SO, today I am offering him to you in the hopes you will have more immediate success, as I am not peddaling anything improper here... just want to give the boy a chance to wear some duds.


He is PRISTINE PERFECT, so if you have been looking for a Puggy (sometimes named/spelled Pudgy) he might just be the fella' for you.


FAST and FREE Shipping!


Rare Vintage 12" American Character Petite 1928 Puggy Doll

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