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RARE 1930s MUSIC BOX Ideal Compo 18" Baby Beautiful Plays Happy Birthday

RARE 1930s MUSIC BOX Ideal 18" Compo Baby Beautiful -- Plays Happy Birthday and has FLIRTY EYES


ALL ORIGINAL factory outfit -- dress, bonnet, slip with attached bloomers, socks, and moccasins. Baby is all original but for replaced irises where her original brown glassene eyes were crazed and dull. She's certainly ready for a party now...



What a wonderful and RARE baby!


This is an Ideal BABY BEAUTIFUL doll from the 1930s... one of several different issue dolls that were marketed and sold under that same name with entirely different faces and attributes during that period.


THIS one is EXTRA SPECIAL -- she has a WORKING music box inside that when gently wound will play HAPPY BIRTHDAY in lovely melodious tones.


Such a happy baby, she has composition arms and legs and head, with a firmly stuffed cloth body. Her legs have smooth, even skin tone with NO crazing or marks; her arms have some light wear and uneven color; I chose not to restore them to keep this special doll as original as possible... after all, one can always have them restored later if it is important enough to you -- in my mind the baby is in such remarkable condition on its own, I didn't see a need for it. Her face has lovely original coloring with a healthy blush still remaining. Her irises have been replaced, but the ORIGINAL FLIRTY EYES move back-and-forth and open-close perfectly, with all lashes intact. Her brown molded curls have some light wear to the front, but near perfect otherwise. 


She is ALL ORIGINAL, and I don't believe her shoes and socks have ever been removed. She wears cotton socks under her shoes that are scalloped at the edges. Her finely loomed white cotton slip combination -- slip and bloomers -- closes at the back with two pearl buttons with thread-loop closures.


The pink cotton dimity 'windowpane' dress and matching bonnet are in mint condition, but for my having replaced the pink silk ribbon bow on the dress bodice, and ties on the bonnet; the elastic at the puff sleeves has been refreshed as well. There are no holes, stains, marks or weaknesses in the outfit at all; shoes and socks are perfect as well... beautifully preserved after all these years.


My first photo is a MOVIE and when played you will hear her lovely music box play her favorite song.


Baby Beautiful, in any issue, is a desirable doll to add to your nursery -- between the music box and gorgeous flirty eyes, this one is not to be missed. I have never seen a music box Ideal composition baby doll before in all the decades I have been collecting and documenting Ideal dolls.


RARE 1930s MUSIC BOX Ideal Compo 18" Baby Beautiful Plays Happy Birthday

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