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THE Royal PRINCESS HAS ARRIVED... another (and last) lovely Lambkins from my personal collection~


It's a pleasure to list this MARVELOUS WONDER DOLL by Effanbee. This is the 16" LAMBKIN / LAMKIN from the 1930s -- darling baby doll is in excellent condition. She comes to you in her original Effanbee pink cotton organdy gown, matching bonnet, cotton lawn slip, white flannel triangle diaper with matching shirt, and beautiful delicate pink booties.


VERY VERY RARE to find Lambkin with her entire ORIGINAL EFFANBEE LAMBKN LAYETTE intact. EVERYTHING you see is original to this baby.




LAMBKINS is appropriately marked on the back of her neck. She has 5-part composition limbs and head with a softly stuffed body that drapes and shapes to an infant's needs to fully express herself! She is SOFT, SOFT and SOFT... a very CUDDLY body.


AMAZING FEATURE... HER CRYER STILL WORKS ! This is the FIRST one I have ever had that still cries. Gently press the middle of her back and she give the SWEETEST, softest cry... just waiting for you to pick her up and cuddle her cares away!


Baby Lambkin comes wearing her pink cotton organdy long gown, bonnet, pink lawn slip, and flannel shirt and diaper. She is gently and warmly wrapped in her wool weave cream layette blanket, and knit booties.... which she will probably kick off her fat little feet when she gets excited seeing you for the first time when she comes home ...all neatly trussed in an extra wide pink silk moire ribbon.

The gown, slip booties, and bonnet set is in mint condition (but for the blue sillk ribbons that have some age wear).


Her composition is in Excellent to Mint condition -- with NO CRAZING at all to her legs and darling yellow molded hair curls; she still has vivid PINK BLUSH to her paint -- GREAT COLORING -- her glowing face and just one of her two chubby arms have a smattering of very, very light craze lines that barely show at all. Her cloth body is immaculately clean as would be expected -- baby has NO odors from storage.


Her BLUE tin litho eyes are the CLEAREST and WHITEST I have ever seen on a Lambkins...usually, the whites begin to show a green cast -- these are BEAUTIFUL! Her PAINTED lashes are intact, as well as her little eyebrows ... most often these painted features are faded and forgotten. NO face or hair rubs at all.


Her gorgeous plump hands, feet, and legs are simply adorable. NOTE her celluloid fingernails -- a feature Effanbee used on very special dolls in its line -- AND her darling "gold' ring on her left hand. Absolutely amazing doll to find completely intact after more than 70 years!


Her pick wicker basket is in excellent condition. Includes the pink mattress, blanket, silk ties, and darling embroidered pillow, along with the added pink Cherub Rattle. Also, her 'sweetest ever' hanger is included. (Rubber lamb stays home with me).


Baby LAMBKINS sits beautifully and poses well in her INCLUDED original EFFANBEE PINK Wicker Basket -- includes her wool weave blanket that has a few flowers embroidered 'here and there' across the background.  and pink mattress pad. She lays pleasantly in her cradle atop her original pink pillow mattress with lace trim all around it -- she charms you with her adorable face and chubby baby hands.


Her arm connectors work smoothly so you can raise and lower her arms in different positions; her head turns completely as well -- all adding nicely to her ability to pose and highlight her adorable features -- this baby has a LOT of CHARM and PERSONALITY and as the Effanbee slogan promises -- she is a doll to STEAL YOUR HEART.

RARE --1930's Effanbee LAMKINS Lambkins 16" Composition Doll

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