What an ADORABLE and RARE little doll baby... this is a 1937 all composition LITTLE CHERUB doll in All Original and exemplary CONDITION... and she is absolutely incredible. She stands just 17" -- a prize for any collector of composition dolls.


Manufactured by the Averill Doll Company which was started by Georgene Averill of the 'Madame Hendren' line of dolls, this exceptionally darling baby was designed by an employee of Averill... Harriet Flanders. Harriet originally wrote a book entitled "Little Cherub" and the doll was subsequently designed to accompany the book.



Very few of these little ones were made, and fewer still have survived well over the years. She is the largest of the two sizes made (smaller one just 12") and is the BEST and UNRESTORED 17" Cherub I have ever had -- from head to toe in beautiful condition but for the lightest of lightest intermittent crazing in just a couple of spots, and light rub at the lips and brows . She is appropriately marked on the nape of her neck "Harriet Flanders / 1937". This is a beautiful example of this very special doll, and she is presented to you with her ORIGINAL OUTFIT -- blue cotton lawn dress and bonnet -- replaced oilcloth moccasins, rayon socks, tiny little panties tied with ribbons at the hips, and BIG BLUE FLOPPY "Flower" Hat.


JUST IN TIME FOR the holidays.... have you ever seen anything quite like her?!!


I have always loved this little doll, because of her story, and her impish flirty glance is endearing to the heart, wouldn't you say? Doll herself is ALL ORIGINAL, with NO repaints, NO restorations