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Early 1950's American Character 13.5" TINY TEARS Baby Doll


This lovely baby doll has all the attributes of a desirable classic Tiny Tears baby... perhaps the one we remember with fondness from our childhood days of playing with and dressing dolls.


Her coloring is still vibrant -- healthy glow to her unblemished rosy cheeks, well-defined brows and painted lower lashes and a lovely mouth. The porcelain-like finish to the paint positively makes her glow. She has lovely brown molded hair (more chocolate brown than the red highlights that appear on my own monitor) with only a modicum of wear. So hard to find these early Tiny Tears babies in such a desirable condition. Baby has sparkling clear BLUE eyes, and all brush lashes are full, thick and even; the sleep eyes open and close perfectly. 


WONDERFUL... NOW THE DOLL HERSELF. What can I say about this little wonder? First, the face on this baby has the "peaches and cream" complexion with a porcelain finish to it -- stunning with the contrast to her brown hair and vivid BLUE eyes. Her face is gorgeous -- retains her original HIGH COLOR. Her brown molded hair has only the slightest of rubs from laying inside her box all these years... all alone with no friends! Her pretty sleep eyes -- all brush upper lashes are intact, they open and close perfectly, are fitted tightly and correctly. These 'peepers' are a beautiful shade of BLUE and compliment her hair coloring.


Tiny Tears comes with a 1950's 'aftermarket' layette --


A DARLING "Happy Birthday" dress in COTTON CANDY Pink -- a RARE dress (I have had 2 others over the last 25 years) that any Baby would just love to have to wear to her 1st Birthday Party, don't you think?


I am including her own birthday CUPCAKE -- decorated with her favorite fluffy white icing and sprinkles -- to help celebrate her Special day.


Her layette includes:


  • Birthday Party Dress
  • White polished cotton 'Big Girl Panties' with a silk rosebud
  • Whimsical CHIX diaper with darling little characters in blue and pink
  • White cotton, single button undershirt -- New Old-Store-Stock
  • Pink dotted Swiss bonnet
  • New Old-Store-Stock PInk cotton socks
  • New Old-Store-Stock blue print flannel pajamas
  • Vintage 1940's ANGEL RATTLE
  • New Old-Store-Stock soft pink Tiny Tears blanket ("Blankie")


Baby has the correct markings on the nape of her neck as an American Character doll. She comes with a HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER hands down VINYL BODY that was produced for only a short time and the exact same mold as the rubber body we are all familiar with and love so well. This one is pink and PERFECT and will last another 50 years. She still SQUEAKs when her little tummy is gently squeezed. Amazingly intact. 


This doll is a collector's dream... yours, too?


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Early 1950's American Character 13.5" TINY TEARS Doll

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