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Darling vintage 1960 Eloise Wilkins marked 18" Vogue BABY DEAR doll.


SUPER RARE Music Box version that allows baby to 'move' Play the included video here to see her 'in action'.


Sweet little baby is in immaculate condition. Her vinyl limbs are free of marks or stains and even in color -- beautiful signature chuubby pink limbs. Her plump cloth body has clean new kapok inside to enhance her 'cuddle' value. The cloth is clean and free of marks but for one light one on her upper chest. However, she does now have a 'birth defect' in that her big piggy toe is oddly somehow absent. Please don't mention it to her, as she is unaware that she is the only one in the nursery like that...


But she does have a 'special gift' to make up for that anomalie... she is the super rare and very special MUSICAL VERSION of the Baby Dear. That means she has a little music box inside along with a shaft that extends into her head that allows melodic tones to play a tune when wound, AND for her head and body to 'move' (like the Thumbelina dolls made by Ideal). The music box works GREAT now that I have had the opportunity to wind it fully several times where it was initially a little sluggish; it probably wasn't played in over 60 years before now. I will update the video shortly.


She has a beautiful face with all painted features intact. I did add blush to her cheeks, but I will remove it if buyer so desires... I like a little 'Life' in my babies.


Her hair is a gorgeous shade of very light reddish blonde. This was the hardest part to capture in photographing her today, as it depends on the lighting as to the shade, but "in hand" it lends more toward blonde. It is thick and full and brushes nicely.; there are no missing plugs. Her hair does seem shorter than all my other Baby Dears, but I have seen one other like it, so I am unsure whether she has been given a trim at sometime.


I have included many photos of her in different lighting to give you a clearer idea of her features.


She comes dressed in her original Vogue Baby Dear rosebud soft cotton knit kimono, a white side-tie undershirt like her original, and a pair of baby pink 'jammie' bottoms with feet to cover her missing toe. I will include a newly made diaper of soft cotton flannel to complete her outfit.


You will LOVE HER! What a TREASURE!!



1960 Musical Tagged Vogue 18” BABY DEAR Doll by Eloise Wilkins

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