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1950's Ideal Toy Co 14" BETSY WETSY Doll -- All Original in Box


My first love...


This is the little doll that "started it all" for me over 25 years ago when I began collecting and documenting dolls.


My very first doll as a young child was this 14" size mid-1950's Betsy Wetsy. In an effort to 'recapture' my own childhood memories I wanted my memories back when my children left the 'nest'. I've come a long way... 


Here is a perfect example of the same doll. She comes ALL ORIGINAL with her soft print kimono robe, cotton undershirt vest, white cotton flannel diaper, and her blue and white stripe dress with matching bonnet. French Val lace, and ric-rac trim offset the bodice and wide-brim bonnet.




Included are her original layette accessories: glass nursing bottle with intact rubber nipple, Instructions to Mother care sheet, and a copy of the original Betsy Wetsy hang tag.


This baby came directly out of her display box where she required a bath from years of sitting on a shelf in a closet. I gently laundered her dress and bonnet. Baby herself appears FLAWLESS -- I'd call this baby a PERFECT 10. Her face still has the matte finish to the paint that only and unplayed with doll retains; her eyes open and close, and all eyelashes are present, thick, full and even. She has a high color face and gorgeous brown molded curls -- just about perfect. As appropriate, she is marked correctly on the nape of her neck: 14 / Ideal Doll / Made in U.S.A. Her 5-part vinyl body is clean and without marks; give her a healthy squeeze and she squeaks loudly in protest.


Baby's clothing layette is all original; the dress has a couple of pinholes indicating its former attachment with staples to her display box once long ago now; but, not noticeable on display and certainly not distracting.


The box has great graphics and is in excellent condition -- sturdy and complete with lid. Lid has a couple of breaks at the side, but otherwise perfect.


Bring back your own childhood memories of playtime with Betsy once again!

1950's Ideal Toy Co 14" BETSY WETSY Doll -- All Original -- Mint in Box

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