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Darling vintage 1940s Ideal Toy Co Plassie in her pink snowsuit.


This adorable baby doll is one of the 'many faces' of Plassie that Ideal marketed for more than a decade in all sizes with various 'new' features and incarnations. This baby is made with a hard plastic head, and a body of composition and cloth with a non-working crier in her firmly stuffed body. She has the classic Ideal 'clenched' hand sculpting that identifies her as Plassie (Princess Beatrix dolls had the same hand configuration).


This unusual issue Plassie has a hard plastic head, wooden neck flange, cloth body, and composition arms and legs. She wears her pink snowsuit that is in MINT condition. Plassie herself is in excellent condition with vibrant facial features all intact and high color, nearly flawless complexion. Her sleep eyes open and close perfectly with all brush lashes full, thick and even. Her brown molded hair is nearly flawless. The composition limbs retain all paint, with no crazing on the legs and and light crazing on the arms (not the hands). She is immaculately clean with no stains or odors.


Her print snowsuit is MINT MINT having never been laundered, but still immaculately clean and made of soft 'eiderdown' with crisp white lace trim. Crisp white ribbons tie at the ankles.


Great Ideal doll to add to your collection


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1940s Vintage Ideal Composition 19" Plassie

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