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1930s Horsman 20" Bright Star Composition doll




Gorgeous but not mint... only 'looks' that way -- poor darling displays beautifully but I discovered as I was photographig her, that under her hair is a crack... see last photo. It is completely hidden under her hair, which I have pushed aside to reveal in the photo... but does not show at all when hair is in place. There are two light craze lines over her left eye that need mentioning.


All original right down to her shoes -- with hang tag. Her vivid yellow taffeta dress has attached underwear; there is a spot covered by the '1939 Doll Show' pin someone placed there years ago. She wears a wide-brimmed straw hat with a matching blue ribbon to the dress on the underside.


She is strung firmly and poses well. She has no rubs to her pretty, high-color face. Her eyes are crystal clear and uncrazed; all brush lashes are full and even. Her body skin coloration is somewhat uneven as you can see in the photos; no paint loss readily evident.


This is a great BARGAIN composition doll if you just love composition dolls, are a Horsman doll collector, or a Shirley Temple fan and want to round out your ST collection with one of her many look-alikes that were issued in the 1930s to compete with ST marketing sales.



1930s Horsman 20" Bright Star Composition Doll Shirley Temple LAL

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