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RAREST size Buttercup doll -- 19" E.I. Horsman & Co. Baby Buttercup from the early 1930's, and produced for only ONE year. She is highlighted in Ursula Mertz's book of "Collectors Encyclopedia of American Composition Dolls".


Baby Buttercup has BEAUTIFUL ALL ORIGINAL coloring, with sweet rosy blushed cheeks. She was purchased 'as found' in her original Molly'es coat and bonnet set and a pink organdy dress with matching pink slip  -- all clothing in mint condition.


Buttercup herself is in near MINT ALL ORIGINAL condition .


I believe this is the largestest of the dolls produced and is about 19" tall (sitting 14" with her cute drawn up "baby" legs). She has a composition flange head, full arms and bent baby legs on a cloth body with a non-working crier inside. She is immaculately clean without any odors; her cloth body has virtually NO WEAR. She is jointed at the shoulders and hips. Her only imperfection is a teeney "v" that was missing on the inner corner of her left eye, which has been restored (it was about 1/32"... tiny!). ALL ORIGINAL doll with NO paint RESTORATION, Buttercup has PERFECT molded painted blonde hair, and a closed open mouth. Her body has original paint. NO CRAZING ON THIS BEAUITIFUL BABY -- with smooth, even toned composition. The back of her hands and knees still retain their original healthy glow of blush.


She is is marked appropriately on the nape of her neck. Her ORIGINAL BLUE tin litho eyes are perfect, opening and closing as they should with ALL of her brush lashes present, full, thick and even. All painted features are clearly defined and intact with just enough blush to compliment her creamy 'porcelain-like' complexion.


Baby Buttercup is dressed in her orginal Molly'es pink Viyella (cotton and wool blend) coat with matching bonnet: a same vintage pink cotton organdy dress with matching original slip; DIAPER and a cotton VEST (undershirt). Her 'baby sweet' dress is made of pink organdy with French val lace trim. I have included a vintage pair of pink striped silk socks, and a pair of REAL LEATER moccasins with pink ties. The entire outfit is complete, and she is ready to display or PLAY.


The historical value and short production run lend this little cutie all the desirable characteristics of a highly collectible doll. Truly a RARE find for any collector of Horsman or composition dolls.


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1930s Horsman 19" BUTTERCUP Composition Doll

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