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1930s RARE Arranbee (R&B) KEWTY Composition Doll


All composition Kewty is about 13" tall; a perfectly darling little girl doll who will surely cheer your heart even on the bluest of days. Her adorable smile cannot be resisted!


Kewty's maker is attributed to Arranbee, but I believe she was originally made by Domec, who was purchased by Arranbee. The Kewty doll is similar to the Arranbee Nancy doll, but has it's own marking, -- KEWTY. Some do not attribute this particular doll to Arranbee but rather to a small factory called Domec in Pennsylvania which produced carnival dolls. This doll is the Domec Kewty version who has a closed smiling mouth and somewhat googly like eyes, with a molded lock of hair on the forehead and bow loop.


Marks: Kewty. Size: 13". Composition socket head, molded and painted hair with attached blue silk bow, painted side-glancing eyes, tapered brows, a closed mouth, composition jointed body with bent right arm. Her stringing is firm enabling her to stand on her own and is easily posed. Her ALL ORIGINAL compo and paint is somewhat rough here and there (especially the top of her head), and I guess I could/should clean her up a little bit before sending her on to you... but she always looks so lovely as she is, I was never tempted to do anything other than greet her with my own smile and thank her for making a bright spot in my day.


She is dressed in a cute little yellow print cotton dress, and a onesie-style slip; yellow cotton socks and white oilcloth shoes finish her outfit... oh, don't forget the pretty blue bow that she treasures.


My customers often ask me how I can bear to part with some of my treasures... and this one tugs at me to stay. Her inquisitive nature begs that she must be on her way to a new adventure.


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1930s Arranbee R&B KEWTY Composition Doll

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