Rare and Beautiful vintage antique composition 22" Madame Hendren BABY HENDREN doll from 1930, and manufactured by the Georgene Averill doll company  (see second photo for advertisement describing this 'new' doll). All Original in her original outfit.


Includes a copy of a 1930 salesman's ad featuring this lovely doll and wearing the identical outfit.


Happy and sweet describe this darling baby's countenance with her big open smile and sparkling blue eyes.


ALL ORIGINAL -- NOT REPAINTED -- VERY Rare to find this issue doll in such MINTY condition. There are indeed, a fair number of Baby Hendren dolls that come up for sale across the web, but this is truly far and above the best I have ever seen.


This big baby is a beautiful, gorgeous doll and she is all original, from head to toe. The baby has a composition socket head on a shoulderplate, partial composition limbs and a clean cloth body. She has a working crier box, blue tin litho sleepy eyes with real upper lashes, painted upper & lower ones. They open and close easily. Her smiling mouth reveals two upper & two lower teeth and a felt tongue. She has all fingers and toes and they are still lined with the original red paint.


This adorable Baby Hendren comes dressed in her original outfit -- baby soft cotton white dress with matching slip, 'Baby Hendren' bib, and original oilcloth shoes and silk socks. She does have added bloomers underneath to match her outfit. Her clothing is in excellent condition -- just perfect. Her pom-poms on her little shoes were missing, so I have added vintage ones to complete her original ensemble.


Her facial character and the quality of her composition mirror the Effanbee Bubbles dolls that were so popular in the 1920s through the 1930s -- big smile, blond high-relief molded curls, molded tongue, white shiny 'baby' teeth, and gorgeous BLUE tin litho sleep eyes with natural hair brush lashes; lashes on right eyes are slightly shortened near the inner eye, and a few light stray lines to ensure she is all original and has definitely not been repainted or restored. Her entire head is just about mint with barely any sign of her age of near 90 years now with little to NO CRAZING... just amazing condition.


She is 22" tall and is marked "Baby Hendren" on the back of her head. She is in remarkable condition; her paint is all original. I did find a small and nearly unnoticeable separation on the inner calf of her right leg (hiding under her stocking) and I have sealed it to ensure she remains the nearly perfect little BABY she is for many decades to come... she displays beautifully.


Baby Hendren has the SOFTEST body, reminding us that little girls back then loved to hug and kiss their babies, as well as care for them lovingly. She is absolutely SQUEEZABLY soft, and her crier still emits a nice little sound... you just can't help but smile and pick her up for a hug~


Although this purchase is for the 22" Baby Hendren doll only, one of my photos here show both this 22" and my other 19" Baby Hendren dolls that are available... don't they look lovely together?!


Her high quality compositon has beautiful and vibrant coloring... a very special baby doll to cuddle and call your own.


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1930 Vintage 22" Averill Madame Hendren Composition BABY HENDREN Doll

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