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Vintage Dy-dee Tiny Tears Kitten Potty with "Essentials"


Everything baby needs to Potty Train!


Potty is just the right size for your medium to bigger baby dolls like Effanbee Dy-Dee and American Character Tiny Tears dolls.


Remember "back in the day" when babies sat on the potty until they had a 'success'?


Darling PINK celluloid small potty (chamber pot) has a cute KITTEN banging away on his little drum with a big smile on his face.


Baby keeps herself occupied with her Little Golden Book, reading all about the baby animals.


Includes a box of Dr. Blumer's Cake Soap (just the soap), and a WASHCLOTH fashioned into a friendly soft toy for baby to enjoy...


BUT, don't forget to wash your hands, Baby!!

Vintage Dy-dee Tiny Tears Pink Kitten Potty with "Essentials"

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