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Vintage 1940s Factory Original Effanbee 20" Dy-Dee Lou Eiderdown Snowsuit


Eiderdown snowsuit in MINT MINT condition -- ready to wear and keep the cold off your sweet baby and protect her delicate 'skin'


Snowsuit and bonnet are PRISTINE. This set was produced for a Mold 2 1940s Dy-Dee Lou, but will look FABULOUS on an earlier Mold 1, too, of course.


MY high pixel photos do not do this set justice -- it is smooth, immaculately clean with no pilling.


It doesn't get better than this -- soft pink 'eiderdown' is vibrant with NO FLAWS. It has been packed away for almost 80 years, waiting to warm up your little girl. 


Includes snowsuit, matching hat and her DARLING Humpty Dumpty toy.


DY-DEE SNOWSUIT and EIDERDOWN COAT Week! All 'eiderdown' coat and snowuit sets will be listed this week for your DY-DEE Lou and DY-DEE Jane dolls. The lion's share are Factory Original Issue Effanbee Dy-Dee sets.


Perfect for outside buggy rides, or to snuggle cozily on a cold winter's night.



Vintage 1940s Original Effanbee 20" Dy-Dee Lou Snowsuit

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