Vintage 1940s Effanbee 15" Dy-Dee Jane Doll MINT in BOX~


Pristine Set sealed in its retail box


Master Collector Set Series




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Vintage 1940s Effanbee Dy-Dee Jane Doll -- Amazing set has never been opened -- poor Jane, no one to love her and play with all day long...


Inside her box she lays nestled in the original tissue, wearing her cotton ribbed t-shirt and white diaper -- notice the weave of the diaper is different than the classic birdseye weave we are all familiar with -- a feature I have seen a short handful of times now.


Her rubber body is super soft and supple, with a 'powdery' matte finish only an unplayed with doll will have -- even pink coloring... just like when she was 'born'. All joints are tight and move freely to allow baby to sit, or even stand comfortably when supported.


  • Includes her PAPER GOLDEN HEART Hang Tag


The left side of her display box is still sealed in its original cellophane wrapper. Inside you find neatly arranged and folded clothing and accessories:


  • White cotton dotted swiss dress, bonnet, and slip
  • White cotton flannel drop-seat pajamas (don't know whether they are footed or not)
  • "What Every Young Mother Should Know" brochure -- highlighting 'Care and Feeding' of your new baby, and additional outfits that were sold in stores alongside the doll sets for extra play value
  • White oilcloth shoes and silk socks
  • Dy-Dee doll branded (on the obverse side) small cake of Cashmere Bouquet Soap
  • Accessory card with:
    • Wooden bowl bubble pipe with celluloid stem and rubber tip
    • Effanbee Dy-Dee branded Q-Tips in cello pak
    • Effanbee Dy-Dee Glass Nursing Bottle in 'new hour-glass' shape with rubber nipple
    • Pink Celluloid Feeding Spoon (VERY RARE and few documented)


This is an EARLY Mold 2 SET -- how do we know? The bubble pipe is the next issue 'transition' from the earliest ones issued that had a wooden stem. The set features a RARE celluloid spoon, where earlier sets had 'faux silver' spoons included. There is NO pacifier -- indicating this doll set was issued just before the pacifiers were included in the sets... the earliest sets did not have pacifiers as yet.


As you can see she is in PRISTINE condition with only one very small 'blemish' (see photo highlighting this). Please be aware that the macro lens on my camera exaggerates what the human eye cannot see... and she displays even more promising 'in hand'...


I can't imagine anyone would be less than thoroughly pleased with this little girl --


GREAT MINT doll to add to her wardrobe so you can dress and display her in all her finery.




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Vintage 1940's Effanbee Dy-Dee Jane Baby Doll Mint in Box