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Master Collector Set Series


13" Brunette Effanbee Dy-Dee 1937 Mold 1 -- PRODUCED only 1 Year


Exactly as depicted in the original advertisement for a set like this~


Gorgeous 13" Brunette Dy-Dee in the Mold 1 issue -- an early issue, this baby has a beautiful face and MOLDED CURLS... 


Baby comes with all you see in my photos -- a full originally advertised layette (see the photo of ad) and all in mint to near mint condition. Dy-Dee herself does have a replaced rubber body... as every one of the 40+ babies in this size that has passed through the portals of my shop, have not worn well and are always found with misshapen and hard rubber bodies, and often even detached limbs. For these reasons she has a 'new' later vintage rubber body, so that you can dress and love her, and once again enjoy the wonderful clothing that was made for this size by Effanbee... Her joints are firm and she can easily be posed, but the rubber here, too, is not perfect, with some uneven tone, but no crazing at all.


Captivating blue tin litho eyes open and close, and are framed with her natural lighter brown brush lashes that are full and even; one does recede slightly at times -- as you can see from my photos they do align ... just need help sometimes. All painted facial features are well-defined and intact... including her pretty brunette eyebrows, that are almost always rubbed off either fully or partially. She has a very slight blemish under her right eye, but it is barely there and is not readily evident except with close scrutiny at some angles and light.


Dy-Dee comes with a FULL ORIGINAL Factory LAYETTE  as pictured in the accompanying copy of an original advertisement for this baby in 1937. Everything pictured comes home with her, and all clothing and accessories are in mint to near mint condition.


The trunk is in excellent condition with some light staining on the closed lid and completely intact -- including its immaculately clean, crisp pink organdy ruffled pad. The graphics on the inside of the lid are vivid with no flaws -- this is the trunk with the STARS around the graphic panel, as well as inside the trunk -- attributed as a SPECIAL Edition set at the time. Even the 'shelf' still sits in its proper place when inserted into the trunk; shelf has a couple of corners repaired where they separated but done well and pad covers it completely -- Baby sits happily on it making a FABULOUS display.


Baby's Effanbee Original layette wardrobe includes:


  • White cotton lawn short gown with original slip
  • Pink cotton pique Coat and Bonnet
  • Flannel Blue Robe
  • White oilcloth mocassins with Pom Poms and silk socks
  • Pink Rubber Pants
  • Pure white birdseye weave diaper
  • Rayon undershirt


Accessories as shown... 


  • Dy-Dee Diary
  • "What Every Young Mother Should Know" Brochure highlighting how to care and feed your new Baby, and introducing some of the extra outfits that were available for purchase.


AND, of course... her "I AM DY-DEE KIN" Effanbee GOLD HEART Wrist Tag


Please ask questions if you have any particular concerns or require more information.


Vintage 1937 Mold 1 Effanbee 13" Dy-Dee Doll TRUNK SET with Original Ad

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  • PLEASE REMEMBER TO USE OUR CUSTOM LAYAWAY PLANS. Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all! 

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