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Effanbee 1930s Rare 13" Dy-Dee Kin Baby Doll with darling layette.


This baby is the hard to find 13" Dy-Dee Kin; she was made only one year -- 1937 -- making her survival rate among the family of various sized Dy-Dee dolls produced rather dismal.


This baby is a member of "Katie's Little Orphan" Series I began a few years ago -- beautiful "Not-So-Perfect, but Oh-So-Perfect(ly) Wonderful" dolls from my collection that have sweet, precious qualities and, as with all Effanbee dolls to quote their famous marketing line -- are dolls that "Will Steal Your Heart."


But, here I have 'resurrected' Baby Dy-Dee Kin! She now has a replaced rubber body, where her original one was misshapen and hardened, and one leg was detached. Her 'newer vintage' body is not perfect either... no longer soft, the rubber is creased under her chin, a pinky finger has been reattached, and well... let's look at the good news... it is a lovely light and even color and matches her face coloring nicely! She is now able to function 'like a real girl (baby)' once again -- drink, wet (surely, not recommended but nice to know you could), stand, sit, pose for you, and best of all... you can dress her (use some care, after all, she is a tiny baby) and enjoy her as a Rare part of the Effanbee Dy-Dee dolls' rich history... hopefully have a lot of fun, too.


Dy-Dee Kin's face is near perfection, with only the teensiest blemish on the very outside corner of her mouth -- yep, everything else is just lovely! Gorgeous coloring and all painted features are intact and well-defined, along with a healthy glow to her blushed cheeks -- all natural paint with no touch ups or restorations there. She has her original brown glassene eyes with full and even natural brush lashes; her right eye is slightly crazed, but she doesn't seem to notice, and I would never tell her.


I have dressed her for you in her original white birdseye weave diaper and rayon undershirt, along with her original pair of Dy-Dee footed drop-seat pajamas in the early all white flannel; there is her original diaper shirt in a whimsical print across a pink flannel background; and, lastly a blue sunsuit (just in time for these hot Summer days in the sandbox and at the beach) with white polka dots that was made by a loving mama for her little girl's doll from a popular pattern issued back in the 1930s just for Dy-Dee. The pj's and sunsuit are in played with but nice condition; the diaper shirt is in excellent condition with just some wear to the ribbon ties.


Her white organdy dress, matching slip and bonnet are in near MINT CONDITION; a tiny (yes, quite tiny) pinhole in the fabric near the hem is all that separates this from 'perfect'. I have replaced the ribbon ties with new ones as the old were faded over time, as they are apt to do. The dress closes at the back with a small safety pin. I have included a New Old-Store-Stock pair of silk socks with a pink stripe to match the trim on Baby's dress.


She has a vintage Cherub rattle to take along on her journey home to you.


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Vintage 1937 Effanbee 13" Dy-Dee Kin Doll

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